Friday, December 11, 2015

Oops! I did it again

If my hair could talk, it would immediately call the police. Lol! I readily admit that when I am feeling emotional about things, I take it out on my hair. I color it, I cut it, I curl it, I straighten it, I braid it, and so on and so on and so on....

I honestly have no reason why I do the things I do to my hair. My guess is that I love the feeling of being made new, I love transformation! I also like to scare my children. My new hairdos have been known to send my children crying and running away from me! Every single one of my children, and I mean every single one of them, have run to the door to greet me only to see a complete stranger.  They fall on the ground with fright, crying and clawing their way, backpedaling, to get away from me! Pure joy people! This has also happened with the children that I taught for years at school and at the church. It just brings me joy, LOL, I enjoy the shock factor.  

The emotional abuse of my hair may also create a feeling of camaraderie. Let me explain. If I'm feeling upset, or out of my element, or whatever, my slightly damaged and shocking new color becomes my confidant. Ha! It knows me! It knows the hardship of not being known and recognized, it knows the disappointment of things not turning out the way pictured, it knows the pain of being separated from the familiar, and it knows the complexity of a constant changing world. 

Who knows! One thing I can tell you though is that it's not helpful when I have moved yet again and, even the few acquaintances I have made, don't recognize me. Not my best plan for building new relationships! LOL!  But I got to be me, you know what I me. 

I knew I needed to step away from the haircoloring and stop going to Sally beauty when Connor asked me yesterday after my job interview, "what did they say about your hair mom?" After I quit laughing, I informed him that nobody at the new church knows me so therefore they have no clue what color my hair truly is. As a sidenote though,  it was precious to my heart that, even though we moved 1200 miles away from our home church, he is so accustomed to our leadership and presence, and being a part of the church family, that he naturally thinks that everybody there already knows us. Parent win moment!

Needless to say, I am deep conditioning my hair on the daily and Pinterest-ing hairstyles I can do without heat. This is my life people -5 different colors in less than 6 months. 


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