Friday, May 6, 2016

2015 Ford Edge

My new job as an administration assistant for Hertz Car Sales of Bend has afforded me the privilege of driving any car on the lot that my heart should desire to run my daily errands. I am in no way a car expert, but simply a girl with a whole-lotta-opinion.

Let me just start by saying that this little beast is the perfect combination of tough, sporty, and regal all rolled into one. Just look at it! It felt like I was driving a beefy truck (solid and strong --quite manly, I dare say.), but handled with the classy grace of a jaguar, but can also exceed the speed limit with the smooth pursuit of Tesla. The seat was like sitting on a splendorous throne. Oh! and I felt so tall! Haha! This was by far one of my favs. Maybe I'm just a Ford girl or maybe Ford raised the bar with this vehicle.

Now I see a real kinda cowgirl: long, thick black hair, warm terracotta skin, almond shaped eyes holding the biggest brown eyes ever, and the brightest smile that can be seen even at a far off distance. She is at a horse arena practicing for the upcoming barreling racing competition, where she will be defending her World Title. After finishing a successful ride, she walks out to her beloved Ford -her Lucchese boots caked with dirt as she pulls off her dusty Bullhead to wipe dirt from her brow.

Before heading home, she flawlessly performs about a dozen 'cookies' in the parking lot for the audience of hotties watching her, laughing loudly, while blaring Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon".

Miranda Lambert - Little Red Wagon

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