Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2015 Hyundai Sonata

My new job as an administration assistant for Hertz Car Sales of Bend has afforded me the privilege of driving any car on the lot that my heart should desire to run my daily errands. I am in no way a car expert, but simply a girl with a whole-lotta-opinion.

I ended up in  this little beaut because the sales guys were moving cars on the lot and this was my only option. I, in all honesty, would have never picked a Hyundai to drive, ever. I don't prefer them because my parents owned one when I was a teen and it just felt like driving a cheaper version of a Honda --and not in a good way. You know, like the difference between Folgers and Starbucks. 

Anyhow, I was shocked at how much I liked this car. It felt like Hyundai had taken a mold of my body and made that car just for me. Are the seats made with memory foam?!? The seat hugged my curves just so, and supported my back, legs, head, and neck perfectly. Seriously, I fit perfectly! And I'm not your averaged height-ed person. 

The comfort didn't end there: this thing had zero road noise. The pursuit felt effortless as if the car could literally drive itself. And good Lord in Heaven, this car was fast! Just a touch of the gas I felt like the car said, "Oh! We gonna do this?" I replied with a confident head nod. Car simply states, "Challenge accepted." Even my sweet Joe, who I had to pick up from school because I was running late, couldn't believe it was a Hyundai. He said, "Mom! I totally thought this car was like a Ford or  Toyota!" Haha! I agree! This car was built solid/strong but also had a smoothness/elegance that didn't lend itself to the Hyundai name.

This car: I could see filled with a bunch of college ladies heading out on the town. Dressed to the 9's, make-up on point, hair Pinterest worthy. The room in this car allowing each girl their own 'dance floor' which enables them to sit-dance every move to Beyonce's "Single Ladies".  There is so much room in the seats, in fact, that each girl can perform their own break out solo dance. I see the city lights flying by outside the window as they jump on the interstate to get from one side of town to the other, because it's fast, and their is fun to be had.

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