Friday, April 29, 2016

2014 Toyota Corolla

My new job as an administration assistant for Hertz Car Sales of Bend has afforded me the privilege of driving any car on the lot that my heart should desire to run my daily errands. I am in no way a car expert, but simply a girl with a whole-lotta-opinion.

This car was FAST and looks pretty dang sharp. This car is definitely not a car made for Bend, where our speed limits average 35 miles per hour. This is 100% a big city, 75-MPH speed limits car. This car gets up and goes with very little coaxing, and is smooth when doing so. And it feels solid! I felt like a truck could T-Bone me and I would come out just fine. 

Just look at that Dash! I felt like I was driving a little race car. The draw back was that I could hardly see over the dash board and the side window started about chin level, so I could hardly see outside. #ShortPeopleProblems Ha! Because of this, it was hard to get a feel for the length and girth of the car which is important for maneuvering traffic, especially school traffic.

In my wondering, I saw a 20 something, tall, skinny young man driving this car. He had on straight leg dark washed jeans, because skinny jeans are a joke! Right!?! He wore a skater T, like Thrasher, with a flat billed slightly faded Obey [fitted] hat, cause real skaters don't wear snap backs. What?!? He wore Vans on his feet and large Wood Framed glasses on his face --not a care in the world. His music streaming from his iPhone, which he connected to his sweet system was blasting P.O.D's BOOM!Windows and sun roof wide open, his music and the scent of Black Ice flowing in his wake.


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